Nursing Home Injuries in Silver Spring, MD

Nursing Home AbuseNo one wants to see their elderly parents placed in a nursing home, but sometimes this becomes a necessity. When a family contracts with a nursing home to care for a loved one, the family expects that loved one to be treated with respect and compassion. When this is not the case, call the injury attorney at the Law Office of Fidel A. Castro, LLC for a free consultation.

The State of Maryland, as well as your family, expects proper care for your elderly relative while staying in a nursing home. When there are nursing home injuries in Silver Spring, Maryland and the surrounding areas, the questions of negligence and liability arise.

Count on our attorneys to thoroughly investigate any concerns about negligence or mistreatment and let you know if there is evidence to file a lawsuit. Depending on the extent of injuries, there may be an out-of-settlement or a jury verdict for damages that include medical expenses, disfigurement, and disability, as well as pain and suffering.

What Constitutes Neglect?

You are concerned about the treatment of your elderly loved one while in a nursing home. Does this treatment constitute neglect and is it grounds for a lawsuit? Let us help you understand what the law says. Here, we outline areas of concern:

Violation of Basic Rights—Nursing home patients have the rights of dignity, autonomy, and privacy. The nursing home may be liable when there is a breach of any of these rights.

Inadequate Nursing Home Training—Caring for people in a nursing home requires specialized training. Patients may be ill, weak, or disabled, and confined to bed. This can result in bedsores that require medical attention. Then, too, patients may need care for diseases, such as diabetes or dementia. When staff members don’t have the training to care for these conditions, patients suffer, and the nursing home may be held accountable.

Medication Mistakes & Medical Errors—Administering medication is an important responsibility of caretakers. When there are errors that result in harm to the patient, the victim and his or her family have the right to sue the facility.

Negligent Hiring of Nurses and Staff—The law and families expect nursing homes to hire qualified personnel who have education and experience, as well as clean criminal records. When an unqualified person is hired, and mistakes are made, or abuse takes place, patients may receive bruises or broken bones. In such cases, the nursing home may be found negligent.

Third Party Responsibility Claim—The nursing home is responsible for the safety of its patients. When another patient or his or her guest harms a patient, the nursing home may be liable if the facility did not provide adequate security.

Understaffing for Seniors Care—One of the responsibilities of a nursing home is seeing that patients have proper care, which requires an adequate number of staff members. The recommended ratio is 1:1.64. This is another factor that may lead to a lawsuit.

When you have concerns about the quality of care your elderly loved one is receiving at a nursing home, reach out to our law firm. Discuss this matter with our attorney to find out what legal remedies are available.

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